Level 2 - Route 1 - Hospital-based

To complete the application for Level 2 Initial Accreditation you will need: 

a. A completed Verification of Hands-On Cardiovascular CT Practice form. A letter on departmental letterhead using the same form of words may be submitted instead.

This form must be signed by a practitioner accredited to at least BSCI/BSCCT Level 2 Clinical Practitioner standard (SCCT or EACVI Level 2 or 3 accredited cardiovascular CT practitioners are also eligible to sign this form. At the discretion of the Accreditation Committee, Level 2 practitioners accredited by other societies may also be considered eligible).

BSCI/BSCCT Level 2 Initial accredited practitioners are not eligible to sign this form.

b. A logbook of 25 dated, anonymised but otherwise complete cardiac CT reports. Reports may be co-signed by no more than one supervising Cardiologist and/or Radiologist and must include information on dose (DLP) and scan technique.

cEvidence of 16 hours Continuing Professional Development must be submitted. This must demonstrably fulfil the requirements outlined below:

The applicant must provide evidence of 16 hours of CPD in cardiovascular CT that includes, but is not limited to:

1. Image optimization, radiation dose reduction, and advanced post-processing.

2. Functional assessment with cardiac CT and correlation with other modalities.

3. Bypass graft anatomy and assessment.

4. Coronary artery stent assessment.

5. Assessment of valvular heart disease including TAVI planning.

6. Role of CT in patients with heart failure.

7. Role of CT in pericardial diseases and cardiac masses.

8. The role of CT in evaluation of congenital heart disease.

9. Assessment of non-cardiac pathologies on a cardiac CT scan, particularly lung pathology.

Applicants should note the following points:

  • If a Level 2 course certificate is submitted as evidence of relevant cardiovascular CT CPD, the certificate should confirm specifically that the content areas above has been covered. A course programme indicating the lecture content will also suffice.
  • All CPD must be pertinent to cardiovascular CT, demonstrably apply to the content areas above and be supported by formal certificates stating the number of CPD hours granted for the activity.
  • If the submitted CPD certificates relate to general or multi-stream meetings, the onus is on the applicant to detail the lectures and modules attended relevant to this application. The applicant will then be credited an appropriate proportion of the CPD value of the meeting certificate.
  • If this detail is not provided and/or, in the view of the Accreditation Committee, the claimed CPD has unclear relevance to cardiac CT accreditation, no credit will be allocated. If the CPD requirement is not met as a result, forms will be returned to the applicant for clarification and resubmission. The application will be suspended in the meantime.
  • If the applicant has included the 50 cases from the level 1 online SCCT course in their logbook, the certificate should be included along with the application.
d. A letter verifying status as a Consultant or Specialist Registrar from the Head of Department, Human Resources, Medical director, etc. is required to be submitted with your application.

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