Level 1 Route 1 – Hospital-based

To complete the application for Level 1 Accreditation you will need: 

    a. A logbook of 25 dated, anonymised but otherwise complete cardiac CT reports. Reports may be co-signed by no more than one supervising Cardiologist and/or Radiologist and must include information on dose (DLP) and scan technique.

    b. Evidence of 8 hours Continuing Professional Development must be submitted to include, but not be limited to:

    1. Technical principles of cardiac CT and its application to imaging the heart

    2. Different gating techniques, their advantages and limitations

    3. Radiation dose inherent in cardiac CT as well as dose reduction strategies.

    4. Contrast kinetics, administration, contraindications and complications

    5. Cardiac anatomy and physiology as applicable to CT

    6. Techniques of image reconstruction and post-processing

    7. Techniques to minimize and reduce image artefacts

    8. Cardiovascular risk assessment

    9. Current indications and applications of cardiac CT

    10. Basics of cardiac CT interpretation

    11. Normal anatomy of the heart & thorax

If this CPD activity is accumulated from meetings attended, in-house training or online training, it must be supported by CPD certificates.

Please note: If the submitted CPD certificates relate to general or multi-stream meetings, the onus is on the applicant to detail the lectures and modules attended relevant to this application. The applicant will then be credited an appropriate proportion of the CPD value of the meeting certificate.

    c. Hands-on training evidence:- The applicant must have, under supervision, performed and interpreted at least 50 contrast cardiac CT examinations, of which at least 25 must be recorded in a logbook. The minimum information required in the log is scan indication, method of acquisition, findings and total dose-length product. Evidence must be submitted in the form of a signed 'Verification of Hands on Practice' form.

    d. An application fee must be paid before the application will be considered. A link to pay by credit card will appear once your application has been submitted. Fees are as follows:

Level 1 

  • BSCI member £100

  • Non member £175

  • Applications will be processed within 8 weeks

Level 1 Fast Track

  • BSCI member £200

  • Non member £275

  • Applications will be processed within 2 weeks

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